Fun Time at Agro Field !

On 15th of December,2016, the students of Primary from class I to IV enjoyed their trip to Srushti Agro Field. At 9 am, the students started from the school and reached their destination at 9.45 am. They also enjoyed their journey in the bus a lot.

All the students received a Grand Welcome with Dhol Tasha on the field. They were offered a very delicious breakfast of Noodles and Samosas which they enjoyed a lot.

On the field, they were given the information about Polly Farming as well as different Plants which were grown there.

They were offered a very tasty Pav Bhaji , Fried Rice and Jilebi for Lunch. The children were very excited when they experienced Bullock and Tractor Rides. Students also enjoyed Puppet and Magic Show there. And last but not the least , a very exciting Rain Dance was organized for them which was a real memorable one. All the students and also the Teachers enjoyed their trip a lot.

They started their return journey to School at 4 pm in the Afternoon. All the Primary teachers along with HM Dr. Sulekha Dhage.