Message By Director
Dr. Dharmendra Mittal

Dear All,

I welcome you all to the knowledge Garden of River Dale High School. Just like the quality of a tree is known by its fruit; similarly, a flower is known by its fragrance. Teachers are the flowerers of wisdom at our River Dale garden and our students are its fragrance.

You get to experience fragrance of various forms of Art and Science. There is also a perfect blend of sports and academic, commerce and computer, reality and virtualizations, dreams and diligence where, we get to live our values with discipline. River Dale’s environment is filled with limitless possibilities. Many a times we see a young scientist roaming hand in hand with his invention and the same time you can find a poet walking with her sonnet in our corridor.

You see an engineer involved in deep conversation with a robot and at the same time you are dragged by an amusement of dancer transformed into a peacock in the pouring rain. A painter gets high with her brush and a musician is found to tune his violin cord.

Sometimes, your River Dale campus is filled with magnificent colors of Holi, and at other hand, the divine lights of Diwali spread across RD garden. Christmas jingles wake up an innovator within, whereas, a creator gets into trance meditating over his creation sitting on a hill top.

Many dreams and many stories are weaved every moment in the corridor of the RD garden.

Life enhances the beauty of RD garden in all dimensions. I wish all the students Best of Luck for their academic excellence and congratulate all the parents for their long lasting association with us.

‘‘The journey in River Dale is fun and frolic all along the way.
If sun climbs overhead, weave together all its rays’’

Dr. D. Mittal

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