Suchita Lokhande

Sunita Soitkar

Employee Code : JRDTE0126

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 07-Apr

Date of Anniversary : 10-May

Zodiac Sign : Aries

Ideal Person : My Brother

Favorite Book : Shyamchi Aai

Present Reading Book :

Hobbies : Watching TV, Listening music

Favorite Quote :"Believe in yourself and all
that you are know that there is something
inside you that is greater than any obstacle."

Suchita Manish Lokhande

Employee Code : JRDTE0137

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 18-May

Date of Anniversary : 10-Feb

Zodiac Sign : Scorpion

Ideal Person : George Washington

Favorite Book : Ek hota Karver

Present Reading Book : Beyond the secrete

Hobbies : Reading and listening to music

Favorite Quote :"Live and let live" , "You are what you think."

Sunita Soitkar
Anjali Kapre

Anjali Kapre

Employee code : JRDTE0139

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 03-July

Date of Anniversary : 06-June

Zodiac Sign : Aquarious

Ideal Person : Swami Vivekanand

Favorite Book : Shyam Chi Aai

Present Reading Book : Aik jara na (Pravin Dalwi)

Hobbies : Reading and Listening song

Favorite Quote :"Vichar Badla , Aayush Badlel"

Suryalakshmi Aush

Employee code : JRDTE0201

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 30-April

Date of Anniversary : 2-March

Zodiac Sign : TAURAS

Ideal Person : My father

Favorite Book : Pather Panchali

Present Reading Book : munni & kabuliwala

Hobbies : Arts and Craft, Cooking,travelling

Favorite Quote :“All Birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds.”

Suryalakshmi Aush
Manisha Aarak

Manisha Aarak

Employee code : JRDTE0140

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 10-May

Date of Anniversary : 19-Jan

Zodiac Sign : Taurus

Ideal Person : My Mother

Favorite Book : Yayati- Author V.S. Khandekar

Present Reading Book : Buddha - the path of enlightenment

Hobbies : Reading, dancing, singing, cooking

Favorite Quote : Do not think that people recalls you only in their needs as we lit a candle only when there is dark around.

Sarika Khandalgale

Employee code : JRDTE0128

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 14-July

Date of Anniversary : 11-Feb

Zodiac Sign : Capricon

Ideal Person : A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Favorite Book : Wings of Fire

Present Reading Book : Three mistake of my life- Chetan Bhagat

Hobbies : Rangoli, Cooking

Favorite Quote :"Time and Tide waits for none."

Sarika Khandalgale
Varsha Patil

Varsha Patil

Employee code : JRDTE0134

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 23-Jan

Date of Anniversary : 24-May

Zodiac Sign :

Ideal Person : Shivaji Maharaj, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Favorite Book : Wings of Fire

Present Reading Book :

Hobbies : Cooking, Reading, Dancing

Favorite Quote :“He Malik tere bande hum, aise ho
humare karam, Neki par chale aur badi se
dare taki hasate huve nikale dum.”

Swati Sunil Chopra

Employee code : JRDTE0189

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 09/05/1986

Date of Anniversary : 6-May

Zodiac Sign : ARIES

Ideal Person : Myself

Favorite Book : Wings to fly

Present Reading Book : Wings to fly

Hobbies : Dancing,singing, Listening Music

Favorite Quote :“ Life is beautiful,enjoy the best of it.”

Swati Chopra
Nikita Mansingka

Nikita Nishant Mansingka

Employee code : JRDTE0187

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 06/12/1981

Date of Anniversary : 30/04/2006

Zodiac Sign : SCORPIO

Ideal Person : Archana Shinde

Favorite Book : मृत्यंजय

Present Reading Book : इश्वाकू

Hobbies : Art and Craft

Favorite Quote :“ Nothing is Impossible”