Students from classes 1st to 12th are distributed in the houses formed according to the four vedas viz. Atharvaveda, Rigveda, Saamveda and Yajurveda. In this world of competitions, a child needs to be well trained with the proper sporting spirit. Through various housewise activities and competitions a child learns how to work in a team. So the team spirit is developed through which they learn how to live in a community.

These houses are named after 4 vedas i.e Atharvveda, Rigveda, Saamveda and Yajurveda. These vedas are the oldest scriptures of our tradition and they have a scientific basis. They guide us in every aspect of human life. Each house is having its logo and tagline in Sanskrit. Different colors are allotted to different houses. Atharvaveda(red) , Rigveda(yellow) , Saamveda(green) and Yajurveda(blue). Students have their house colored uniformed for different housewise activities.

Sr. No House Mas./Mis. Name of the teacher
1 House Master Dayal Singh
2 Asso. House Mistress Manisha Arak
3 House Teachers Suchita Lokhande
4 - Subhulaxmi
5 - Avanti Kendre
6 - Aruna Sable
7 - Priyanka Vyavhare
8 - Aarti Pal
9 - Priyanka Kulkarni
10 - Deepali Lokhande
11 - Manisha Jadhav
  School Council Committee 2016-17 Rigveda
Captain Fatema Hussain Mansi Sikchi
Vice Captain Poornima Dwivedi Dhruv Chalode
Discipline Captain Neha Yadkikar Swarali Asolkar
Discipline Captain Shridhar Bajaj Harsh Pawar
CCA Captain Suhani Jain Charuta Hinge
Discipline Captain Yashraj Sonawane Anshul Jadhav
Academic Captain Sherya Londhe Aditi Chandekar
Discipline Captain Swarom Padalkar Rahul Shrivastav
Sports Captain Shravan Darak Sneha Nagargoje
Sports Captain Ritika Agrawal Harsh Rathi