Riverdale Alumni

Riverdale maintains contact and positive relations with its alumni. Whether students have recently passed, or passed some time ago, we are always interested in their accomplishments and where their paths have taken them beyond the limestone walls here in Riverdale

When a student finishes his high school from Riverdale it doesn’t signal the end of their involvement with the school. Riverdale Alumni provide a means for students to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with their alma mater and tap a ready network of fellow pals.

Riverdale Alumni is a meeting point for everyone who studied here for his/her high school. Alumni members can access a range of services, including an employment office, networking opportunities, discounts on continuing-education courses and personalized careers advice, among others. The goal is to forge new ties.

You can become an Alumni member once you have finished your high school. The first step is to sign up by filling in this form

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