Rahul Wagh

Rahul Wagh

Employee Code : JRDTE0109

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 08-Sep

Date of Anniversary : 09-May

Zodiac Sign : Libra

Ideal Person : Dr. Babasaheba Ambedkar

Favorite Book : Buddha and its Dhama

Present Reading Book : Buddha and its Dhama

Hobbies : Cricket, Hockey,Kabbadi,Badminton, Singing song

Favorite Quote : "Talent wins games but teamwork wins championships"

Avinash Tithe

Employee code : JRDTE0155

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 01-June

Date of Anniversary : 27-Aug

Zodiac Sign : Cancer

Ideal Person : Netaji Subhashchandra Bose/ Shivaji Maharaj

Favorite Book : Who was Shivaji / You can win

Present Reading Book : Mann Mai hai vishwas

Hobbies : To listen music,play cricket,carom,chess,badminton

Favorite Quote :“Live and let live”

Avinash Tithe

Dr.Manjiri Mukesh Deshpande

Employee code : JRDTE0214

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 19/05/1991

Zodiac Sign : TAURAS

Ideal Person : My parents

Favorite Book : The Best Thing In YOU Is YOU.

Hobbies : Playing Table Tennis,tree plantation,to be eco-friendly person

Favorite Quote :"If you want something you never had, Then you will have to do something you never did.”

Anjali Prashant Sakla

Employee code : JRDTE0200

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 21/11/1991

Date of Anniversary : 07/12/2012

Zodiac Sign : ARIES

Ideal Person : Ramkrushna Paramhans

Favorite Book : The Sport of Mother Kali

Hobbies : reading, writing poems

Favorite Quote :“Deal with your problems, before they deal with your happiness. ”



Employee code : JRDTE0230

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 27/12/1991

Zodiac Sign : VIRGO

Ideal Person : MS Dhoni

Favorite Book : Who Moved My Cheez & Attitude is Everything

Present Reading Book : Harry Potter and The Chambers of Secrets

Hobbies : Music,Reading

Favorite Quote :To Good to All; Be Good To All!

Pravin Ashokrao Bhale

Employee Code : JRDTE0202

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 18/10/1987

Zodiac Sign : SCORPIO

Ideal Person : My brother

Favorite Book : The Magic of thinking big

Present Reading Book : The Monk who sold his Ferrari

Hobbies : Singing, Reading

Favorite Quote :You are not what you think you are; what you think you are!

Pravin Bhale

Rajesh Jagansingh Pooniya

Employee code : JRDTE0233

Email Address :

Date of Birth : 09/06/1988

Date of Anniversary : 17/06/2014

Zodiac Sign : VIRGO

Ideal Person : A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Favorite Book : One hundred names

Present Reading Book : Climbing the stairs

Hobbies : Sports, reading, drawing and listening music

Favorite Quote :Comparison is the end of joy.