Foreign Languages

Department of International Languages is a distinguishing feature of RDS. Along with English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi students are given opportunity to learn one foreign language namely German & French. In 3rd standard, students are introduced with foreign language.

They have to choose either German & French as the 4th optional language. In 3rd and 4th standard they are introduced with the basics of languages. Emphasis is given on the practice of pronunciation through recitation of numbers, alphabet, weekdays, family relations, small rhymes etc. From Vth to VIIIth standard they learn the language through proper textbooks till 3rd level

Foreign Language
Foreign Language

Since 2015, the school is working as a centre for Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth for the online exams of foreign languages. Students from 5th to 8th standard appear for these exams and score well.

Emphasis is also given on more spoken aspect of language through the activities like Assembly in foreign languages, songs, drama etc.

In this era of 21st century as the world is coming closer the children should learn at least one foreign language. So this initiative is taken by school which is highly appreciated by the parents.