Academic session 2024-25

To fulfil the vision, the prime responsibility is to prepare young minds to act as leaders to promote the healthy development and academic achievement as future citizens of the country.

The school is dedicated to prepare hard-working and responsible citizens with a sense of integrity and honesty.

The school trains the students in such a way that they learn to shoulder responsibilities and handle situations independently and efficiently.

The school believes in fostering and exfoliating each individual’s potential and providing opportunities for the successful learning and overall growth.

River Dale School provides the environment required for each and every student to discover and develop his or her full potential.



 Admission process


Step 1: Register online by clicking on the Link -

Step 2: Submit the following documents:

      • Recent photographs of child, father and mother

      • Self-Attested Birth Certificate of the Child (Mandatory)

      • Self-Attested Immunization Record of the Child (Mandatory)

      • Child’s Aadhaar Card/Passport (self-attested)

      • Self-Attested Aadhaar Card of both parents (mandatory)

Step 3: Make payment of Admission Registration fee of Rs 500/-