Harmonize Your Potential: Riverdale School's Music Room


Discover the world of musical expression at Riverdale School's Music Room. Our mission is to prepare students for a lifetime of vibrant and enjoyable engagement with music. In a contemporary life filled with musical encounters, our music education empowers students to create, refine, and notate their own authentic music.


Key Objectives:


  • Musical Empowerment: We aim to foster the ability to read, interpret, and perform music literature, whether created by the students themselves or by others.

  • Cultivating Musical Appreciation: Riverdale's music education encourages students to respond with mastery to the musical works and performances of their peers and established artists.


In the harmony of learning at Riverdale School's Music Room, where every note resonates with the promise of a lifelong connection to the world of music.

Last chance to sign up for a course. We start 1st december