Unleash Creativity: Riverdale School's Art & Craft Lab
Step into the realm of artistic expression at Riverdale School's Art & Craft Lab. Our lab serves as a conduit for fostering artistic sensibility among learners, encouraging them to respond to the splendor of color, shape, form, and movement.
Key Features:
  • Cultural Appreciation: Art education and the appreciation of one's cultural heritage work hand in hand, strengthening mutual understanding and appreciation.
  • Teaching and Learning Joy: The Art & Craft Lab allows students and faculty to fully enjoy the pleasure of teaching and learning, contributing to their holistic intellectual development.
  • Connection to Environment: Art education aims to connect students to their environment, impart knowledge about their cultural background, and instill a deep appreciation for each other's artistic contributions.
At Riverdale School, we believe in the power of art education to inspire motivation and interest, providing a vital medium for creative expression. As we celebrate the beauty of artistic endeavors, fostering a love for the arts within our school community.


Last chance to sign up for a course. We start 1st december