CCTV Surveillance

The school is under CCTV surveillance to monitor and track and monitor all activities within the school premises. This monitoring function is performed fully consciously by the student, parent and teacher.

 School Security

1.CCTV security systems help in preventing or identifying unauthorized intruders

2.Keeping track of remote entrances and exits is easier through CCTV cameras.

3.CTV surveillance systems can keep track of housekeeping and ensure they are doing their work.

4.CCTV security systems help organize exit in case of emergencies.

5.School security measure to protect school property and identify perpetrators and vandals.

For Teachers

1.CCTV surveillance systems help in the protection of staff vehicles.

2.They keep track of teacher attendance and punctuality.

3.CCTV cameras can help keep track of teacher’s attitude and methodology in teaching.

For Students

1.CCTV cameras aid monitoring and preventing bullying amongst students.

2.They help in ensuring discipline and punctuality amongst students.

3.Prevent or track student thefts

4.Keep parents mind at ease about school security and environment.

5.CCTV surveillance systems in schools are a way of ensuring a safe, secure and healthy learning environment for children.

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