Welcome to the Gateway of Knowledge: Riverdale School Library

At Riverdale School, our library isn't just a space—it's a sanctuary for intellectual exploration and discovery. Step into a realm where words come alive, and ideas take flight. Our library is a treasure trove of information, offering a diverse collection of books, resources, and a tranquil environment where students can immerse themselves in the joy of reading and the pursuit of knowledge. In fostering a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom, as we open the doors to endless possibilities through the pages of our library.


Robotic & 3D Printer Laboratories :Robots are the future!! 

The Riverdale School’s Robotics Lab is creativity in (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) education. Nurture student creativity and talent through curiosity-based learning. Robotics technology is seamlessly integrated into the curriculum to develop students’ essential work skills such as collaboration, problem solving, project management, innate creativity and innovation.3D Printing and trained staff to conduct training sessions. This is an endeavor to equip the students with the upcoming technological trends, tools, and techniques.

3D printing is the process of creating three-dimensional solid objects from digital files. Students learn to design objects in software and actually create them using a 3D printer. The perfect tool to turn your "fantasies into reality".

The Robotics Laboratory is our pride and prestige. Once equipped with a 3D printer, students will learn about the different possible applications and uses. They use 3D printing technology to develop models and kits to develop robots.This is how we prepare our students for the future! 3D printing is designed to enhance creativity and stimulate students' imaginations. Designing and creating 3D models improves critical thinking skills. • Robotics can stimulate creativity and logic in young people.

Computer Lab

This is the era of IT and artificial intelligence. Computers are no longer a luxury but a necessity. The school has a fully air-conditioned and user-friendly computer room.The laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and upgraded facilities. Internet facility with broadband connectivity paves the way for students to become highly skilled resource specialists and technocrats in the near future. We want them to have the best of everything, whether it's curriculum or technology, to give them an edge over their peers.


Last chance to sign up for a course. We start 1st december